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The Niagra Falls Analogy

In the mid-1800's there was a famous tightrope walker by the name of Blondini.

He would do various feats of balance, while suspended on a wire spanning the Niagra Falls! He went over in a burlap sack, he carried a man over, and he even fried an egg half way across!

He also took a wheelbarrow over.

Now, the story has it, that he went to the audience after crossing with the
wheelbarrow, and after getting their attention, he asked this question;

" How many of you BELIEVE that I could put a man in this
wheelbarrow and take him back across?! "

Well, immediately everyone starts cheering, I do! I do! I do!

And so he points to a man who's cheering I do, and he says,
" You sir, please get in! "

And the man bolted in the other direction!

Now let's make the analogy...

What was wrong here? That man believed that Blondini could put A man, ANOTHER man in the wheelbarrow, and take HIM across!

He was NOT WILLING to place HIS personal dependence
on Blondini to take him across.

That's what we are talking about here.

The issue is placing our dependence ON CHRIST to take us across!

To MEET God's STANDARD of perfection & righteousness.