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The Wages Of Sin Analogy

Ok, so you're a good worker. I apologize, you're a great, very hard-working,
the company-can't-do-without-you kind of worker.

You deserve every penny that you receive in your paycheck.

And heaven forbid, if your payroll clerk forgets that 1/2 hour of overtime!

You're down there early the next morning chewing them out.

And you don't normally come in THAT early.

Now let's make the analogy...

We work daily, constantly, for or against God.

We have a debt called SIN, which is literally beyond our ability to pay.

Even if we could be perfect from today forward, we've already sinned.
This is a debt we cannot pay back.

This is what Christ has to offer. He's willing to pay that sin debt,
and to forgive ALL our sins, past, present, AND future!

Now, here's where God's standard comes into play.
His (Jesus Christ's) righteousness can be CREDITED to your account!

So when God sees you, He sees you in the legal standing of the righteousness, or perfection of Jesus Christ!

Therefore God's standard of perfection HAS BEEN MET IN CHRIST.

It's not JUST that your sins are forgiven.

God's standard of righteousness MUST be met. Again, here's how it's met; the righteousness OF Christ is credited to YOUR account. So now our legal standing before God IS the righteousness of Christ.

Now there is another part to 1st Corinthians 15:4, it says "He arose". Do you believe that?