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The Two Chairs Analogy

If I take a chair, and say, "I BELIEVE that this chair can hold me up!"

What would I have to do to PROVE it to you?!

Well, I'd have to sit in it, of course!

In other words, I've got to place my dependence on that chair!

Now let's make the analogy...

If you said earlier that you believe in God, AND that you are also depending on how you live in order to make it to heaven. That's NOT true dependence on the Lord Jesus Christ.

But the scriptures repeatedly tell us that our dependence is to be ONLY on Jesus Christ!

Ok, this is where a second chair can help in the illustration. So we put the second chair down right next to the first chair. Now what if, as I sit in the first chair, I STRADDLE my weight so that 50% is on each chair?

Now, If I do this, am I REALLY depending on EITHER chair to hold me up?

NO! And that's the heart of the issue.

So if you say you believe in God AND how you live, then you're straddling two chairs!

Which means that you're not REALLY depending on...
you're really NOT trusting in... either one!

So what we're talking about here, is TRANSFERING your dependence from this chair of SELF-dependence, ONLY to the person of JESUS Christ!

You get out of one chair, and sit ONLY on the other. Simple, yet profound.