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Chamaeleon is a small constellation circumpolar in the Southern Hemisphere. The most accessible object for binoculars is the colour contrast of the two stars delta1 and delta2 (which however do not make a true binary). Chamaeleon is found due south of Carina, which is a prerequisite for finding Chamaeleon.

Alpha Chamaeleontis is the asterism's furtherest point west (for Southern Hemisphere viewers facing south). To find alpha Chamaeleontis start at beta Carinae and drop southwest eight degrees.

Delta Chamaeleontis is the most interesting object of this small and faint constellation. Although unrelated, the two delta stars form a nice combination, orange and blue, easily seen in binoculars. From alpha Cha move east-southeast about ten degrees. In the same FOV are gamma (a red giant) and beta Cha, which marks the eastern point of the asterism.

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