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Circinus, The Compasses, is a small constellation at the foot of the Centaur, next to Norma, The Level. Circinus has some close binaries for small to medium telescopes, but not much to offer the binocularist. A good prerequisite study would be Centaurus.

Alpha Circini is a white star, magnitude 3.2. Small telescopes reveal a 9th-mag companion at a position angle of 232 and separation 15.7". The star is due south of alpha Centauri, in the same FOV.

Beta Circini is, appropriately, the second brightest star in the constellation with a visual magnitude of 4.1. In the same FOV is gamma, a close binary with colour contrast, blue and yellow. The binary is only resolved in larger telescopes: 4.9, 5.8; PA 49 and separation 0.7". The stars are found just east of alpha Centauri

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