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Crater, The Goblet, is an ancient constellation associated with Corvus, The Crow, to the east. While Crater's binaries and variables and DSOs are all too faint for binoculars or small telescopes, just finding this historic constellation is an accomplishment for those who wish to become acquainted with as many constellations as possible. Crater lies just south of Leo. However unless you have extremely dark skies suitable for naked-eye exploration, I believe it's easier to find Crater's stars once you've become familiar with Hydra.

Alpha Crateris at 4.1 visual magnitude isn't the brightest star of Crater. That title goes to delta Crt which is slightly brighter (3.6) and even gamma Crt is just a bit brighter as well. All three are found in the same FOV. From nu Hydrae you'll see to the southeast alpha Crateris. Placing alpha at the western edge of your glasses gives you the three brightest stars in the constellation.

Beta Crateris is to the southeast, still in the same view as alpha. The remaining stars of the asterism of the ‘goblet’ are easily found with binoculars by star hopping.

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