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Corvus and its neighbour Crater are ancient constellations despite their relative anonymity these days. The two constellations are found between -- and south of -- Leo and Virgo, inside a large loop of the Hydra. To find Corvus move three fields of view to the west from Spica; you'll encounter the top part of the asterism. Corvus has several interesting objects for binoculars or small telescopes.

Alpha Corvi is an oddity: a 4th-magnitude ‘alpha’, particularly when there are four stars in Corvus which are brighter! The four corner stars of the asterism are all brighter than alpha. Two of these are seen in the same FOV as alpha.

Delta Corvi forms the northeast corner of the squarish asterism, with gamma the northwest corner. (Eta, the third star in the field of view, is a fainter 4.3 mag.) Delta is a fixed binary with a quite faint but wide companion: 2.9, 9.2 with a position angle of 214º and separation 24". The binary has a pleasant colour contrast, a white primary and lilac companion.

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