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omicron1 Cygni

Omicron1 Cygni (also known as 30 and 31 Cygni) form a wonderful binocular binary with an interesting colour contrast, one of the finest systems in all the heavens. .
    The orange primary is 31 Cygni and its turquoise component B (30 Cygni) is found at 338 and a wide separation of 338".
   Component C is slightly fainter, at 7.0, and is found at PA 173 and separation 107".

The double is found between Deneb (alpha Cygni) and delta Cygni and slightly to the north: binoculars.

Just to the north, in the same field, is 32 Cygni (omicron2); don't confuse this star as one of the binary components.

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