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Equuleus, The Little Horse, is one of the smallest constellations, although known to the Greeks. The late-summer constellation is fifteen degrees east of Altair.

Alpha Equulei is called Kitalpha, which some interpret as meaning ‘Little Horse’, although this is the name of the constellation itself. Alpha is a 3.9 magnitude yellow giant, all other stars are 5th-mag or fainter. The star is a bit more than one binocular field southwest of Enif (epsilon Pegasi, that constellation's brightest star). In the same binocular field are seen most of the other important stars in this constellation. Of these stars, gamma and delta are wide-separation binary systems, while the best binary is 2 Equulei (also known as lambda Equ), fifteen degrees to the east of alpha, which however is only suitable for telescopes.

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