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8 Lacertae

8 Lacertae is a multiple binary system in which all the components are quite wide.
     AB: 5.7. 6.6; a position angle of 186º and 22.4" separation.
     Component D is 9.3 magnitude, PA 144º and separation 82".
     Component E: 7.8, 239º and separation 336".

The system is to the south of the ‘lizard’. From 5 Lac (in the field of view of alpha) find 6 Lac, to the south five degrees (that is, place 5 Lac at the top, and you'll find 6 Lac near the bottom of your glasses). Now with 6 Lac at the top of your field of view, 8 Lac is located just east of centre: binoculars.

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