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12 Lyncis

12 Lyncis is one of half a dozen superb binaries found in the northern end of Lynx. Others are 5, 14, 15, and Struve 958.

To find this small but delicate group of binaries you'll need to have found beta Cam. Review Camelopardalus if need be.

Once you've found beta Cam drop down to 7 Cam. Study this area with the naked eye (again, a very dark night is necessary). You'll find an asterism in the form of a skewed box, formed by beta Cam, 7 Cam, delta Aurigae, and 2 Lyncis: asterism.

Now that you've found 2 Lyncis with the naked eye, study the region with binoculars: 12 Lyncis.

12 Lyncis is a wonderful triple: 5.5, 6.1, 7.4. AB: 70, 1.7", ABxC: 308, 8.5".

Struve 958 is perhaps the finest of these binaries: 6.4, 6.4, 257, 4.9".

Just outside this field of view is 19 Lyn (Struve 1062), a lovely wide pair: 5.8, 7.0; 315, 15".
    I leave it to your (hopefully expanding) observational skills to locate this star, which is southwest of 15 Lyncis, in the same field of view if you place 15 Lyn at the centre.

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